Privacy Policy



This policy statement describes the way the Society manages the personal information it holds. It was approved by the Committee of the Buxton Musical Society on 1 July 2022.

The Society holds the following categories of personal information.

  • Names, postal addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and voice part of singers, supplied when they join the Society.
  • Names, postal addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of Patrons making donations.
  • Names, postal addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and instrument of orchestral players supplied by them when completing an optional registration form.
  • Names, postal addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and voice part of singers involved in occasional Singing Days organised by the society. This data is collected when singers apply to take part in the event. Participants are asked whether they agree to their names and contact details being retained for a limited period in order to inform them of further events of this kind.
  • Names and email addresses of potential audience members. This data is collected when potential audience members fill in a paper form or complete an online form on the Society website.
  • The information is stored by the Membership Secretary and Treasurer on desktop computers.
  • Read only copies of Email address lists are stored in Dropbox and managed by the Membership Secretary.
  • Access to the shared Dropbox is restricted to committee members

Personal data is used for the following purposes:

  • To email singing members about concerts, rehearsals, AGM and programme changes.
  • To inform members of last-minute changes to rehearsals and concerts due to bad weather or other factors.
  • To produce named envelopes for ticket sales by members.
  • To generate attendance registers for rehearsals and concerts.
  • To generate a report for the Musical Director indicating the names of people intending to participate in forthcoming concerts.
  • To generate printed lapel badges so that fellow members can be easily identified on social occasions.
  • To email members on administrative matters.
  • To contact orchestral players about their availability to play in concerts.
  • To email Singing Day participants about administrative matters concerning the event.
  • To email Singing Day participants about future Singing Day events organised by the Society up to a limit of three years after the participant’s involvement in a Society Singing day.
  • To email potential audience members who have provided their email addresses via paper form or online via the Society website about forthcoming Society events.
  • To email members about carefully selected events by sister arts organisations.
  • To generate lists of singers for concert programmes.
  • To generate lists of patrons for concert programmes.

The Society does not share any of the personal information it holds with other organisations.

Information about members is used on the basis of Legitimate Interest: that is, its use is part of the natural process of running the organisation and serving its members, and consent to use the data in this way is implicit in its provision.

Data retention

Information about members is retained for as long as their membership continues.

When members cease their membership, their details are archived for historic purposes but are removed from any current mailing lists. Contact details of lapsed members are deleted after  three years to allow a reasonable period for the member to consider re-joining and to allow contact for other valid reasons.

Names of past members may be retained indefinitely for public historic record.

Contact details of orchestral players will be retained during the period of what can reasonably be judged as their playing career. Their details may be erased at their request at any time.

Email addresses of potential audience members will be retained for up to three years. Any person on this list may request removal of their data at any time via the contact form on the Society website or replying to any communication sent to them by the Society.


This policy will be reviewed periodically by the society committee and any changes brought to the attention of the members at the subsequent AGM.


The Committee Chair is the nominated Data Controller responsible for this Policy, and, in consultation with the other committee members, is responsible for ensuring that it is observed.

All Committee Members and other society members involved with the administration of the orchestra and Singing Day are Data Processors and manage the information databases in accordance with this Policy.

1 July 2022