Performance History

Can you help?

As part of our 75th Anniversary celebrations, we are trying to create a performance history of the Society since its founding in 1944. If you are a long time supporter of the Buxton Musical Society, plese spend some time looking through the information below and see if you can fill in any gaps. There is a particular shortage of information between 1951 and 1962. If you spot anything you can help with, please get in touch with us via our contact page, or speak to any member of the society.






03 December 1944 Handel Messiah Elena Danieli, Gladys Ripley, Walter Glynne, Joseph Farrington The first concert of the newly formed Society “failing Gladys Ripley it was suggested that Kathleen Ferrier be approached”
18 February 1945 Edward German Merrie England “a few members of the Society hav[e] intimated that they would not take part in a performance ... if it were given on a Sunday”
01 April 1945 Mendelssohn Hymn of Praise
Handel Messiah Pts 2 & 3
11 May 1945 Buxton Musical Festival  (entry continued in most years that follow)
22 May 1945 Parry Blest pair of sirens
V-Williams 5 English folksongs (Heddle Nash not being available “The services of Henry Wendon or, failing him, Webster Booth”
Coleridge Taylor Hiawatha’s Wedding
24 November 1945 Bizet Carmen
16 December 1945 Handel Messiah  (shortened version at Devonshire Royal Hospital)
23 December 1945 Handel Messiah Owen Brannigan     (Pavilion Gardens)
31 March 1946 Elgar King Olaf, etc
17 November 1946 Edward German Tom Jones
22 December 1946 Handel Messiah
12 February 1947 Mendelssohn Elijah (Postponed because of weather  - anyone remember 1947?)
06 April 1947 Varied prog BMS hired to perform at Pavilion Gardens
20 April 1947 Varied prog  by BMS on own account
27 September 1947 Mendelssohn Elijah, soloists from BMS Bakewell
21 December 1947 Handel Messiah (“substantial loss on this performance”)
07 March 1948 Bach Peasant Cantata
A. Rowley The River
Handel Occasional Overture
05 December 1948 ‘Musical evening’ (light music) in Pavilion Café
19 December 1948 Handel Judas Maccabeus  “The Society would like a change from Messiah for Christmas owing to the numerous performances, wireless and otherwise”
03 April 1949 German Merrie England “Miss Doris Gambell of BBC fame” at 20 guineas
18 December 1949 Handel Messiah “failing Miss Alsop, Miss Isobel Baillie”
05 March 1950 Elgar Dream of Gerontius (Yvonne Burton, Heddle Nash)
20 May 1950 Handel Messiah At Tideswell, for their 600th anniversary
12 January 1900 Haydn Creation (Isobel Baillie / Joan Hammond not av.), Doris Gumbell
11 March 1951 Smetana Bartered Bride


08 April 1962 Smetana Bartered Bride  cond Charles Lockett  Pav Gdns
16 December 1962 Handel Messiah Alfreda Hodgson cond. Fred Parnell St John’s (memorial concert for Charles Lockett)
28 February 1963 Gordon Jacob Highways date of this concert recorded as 31.2.63   Pav Gdns
Brahms How lovely are Thy dwellings
Parry Blest pair of sirens
Stanford Sea Songs   (all cond Bernard Smith)
Dec-66 Handel Messiah Exact date not recorded
Apr-67 Brahms Requiem  + Oriana Singers cond D. Anson Exact date not recorded
Grieg Piano Concerto D Anson cond. M. Williams
10 December 1967 Haydn Nelson Mass cond M. Williams
  “ Trumpet concerto  D. Haines cond D. Anson
V-Williams Fantasia on Christmas Carols
31 March 1968 Mendelssohn Elijah (shortened)  +Oriana Singers cond D. Anson
15 December 1968 Bach Christmas oratorio Pts 1, 2, 3
Beethoven Piano Conc No 4 David Anson,  cond M. Williams
13 April 1969 Smetana Bartered Bride
Brahms Song of Destiny
14 December 1969 Handel Messiah Joan Bletcher, Yvonne Newton, N Jenkins, P Ravenscroft,  cond Michael Williams
04 January 1900 Mozart Requiem Janet Holleworth, Pamela Hadfield, Mr Garrett, John King
06 December 1970 Handel Judas Maccabeus Eidwenn Hurrhy, Gaynor Williams,  N Jenkins, P Ravenscroft
18 April 1971 Schubert Mass in A flat
Mendelssohn Violin concerto Peter Mountain (Iona Brown not available)
11 July 1971 Handel The King shall rejoice Pav Gdns (Christian Aid concert)
Bach Brandenburg No 2
Beethoven Violin Conc Iona Brown
Haydn Te Deum in C
12 December 1971 Mozart Overture Don Giovanni
Vivaldi Gloria   Hazel Holt,  Margaret Cable
V-Williams Benedicite
Schumann Piano Conc  Steaurt Bedford
16 April 1972 Bach Magnificat,  Ascension Oratorio   Pav Gdns
Purcell Come ye sons of Art
Mozart Horn Conc John Bimson
16 July 1972 Vaughan Williams In Windsor Forest   Pav Gdns
Mozart Clarinet Conc Janet Hilton
Schubert Symphony No 3
10 December 1972 Handel Messiah  David Johnson,  Caroline Crawshaw, et al   Pav Gdns
Easter 73 Fauré Requiem
Elgar Cello concerto Julian Lloyd Webber
Summer 73 Schubert Mass in G major
25 November 1973 Haydn Creation   Pav Gdns
31 March 1974 Elgar Gerontius Elizabeth Muir, Richard Lewis, Roger Stalman   Pav Gdns
14 July 1974 Beethoven Overture Prometheus   Pav Gdns
Mozart Piano conc 24 in C Minor Anthony Peebles
Bruckner Three motets
Mendelssohn Italian Symphony
24 November 1974 Poulenc Gloria Sue Gorton   Pav Gdns
Bruch Violin Conc Iona Brown
Bruckner Te Deum Sue Gorton, Malcolm Knowles
23 March 1975 Bach St John Passion Malcolm Knowles   Pav Gdns
22 June 1975 Vivaldi Gloria  (in Northern Chamber Orchestra concert)
13 July 1975 Bach Brandenburg Conc No 4   Pav Gdns
Mozart Sinfonia Concertante
Brahms Leibeslieder Waltzes  Jane Watkin, Blair Forster
Beethoven Symphony No 1
09 November 1975 Schubert Rosamunde    Pav Gdns
Bach Violin concerto in E major  Philip Sutton
Beethoven Mass in C
14 December 1975 Handel Messiah   Pav Gdns
11 April 1976 Vaughan Williams Serenade to Music   Pav Gdns
Strauss Horn Conc No 1 John Butterworth
Tippett Five Spirituals from A Child of Our Time
Lambert The Rio Grande  Jane Watkin,  Gillian Morton
Stanford Songs of the Sea
11 July 1976 Monteverdi Beatus Vir   Pav Gdns
Mozart Piano Conc No 23 Richard Walsh
Beethoven Symphony No 3 Eroica
05 December 1976 Handel Chandos Anthem
Haydn Harmoniemesse
Beethoven Piano concerto No 4  Ian Brown
27 March 1977 Dvorak Serenade in D Minor for wind instruments   Pav Gdns
Brahms German Requiem  (with Macclesfield Oriana Choir)
29 May 1977 Handel Organ concerto No 1  Andrew Parnell   St John’s
Britten St Nicholas  Malcolm Knowles
10 July 1977 Haydn Sinfonia Concertante in B Flat   Pav Gdns
Brahms Zigeunerlieder
Mendelssohn Symphony No 3, Scottish
04 December 1977 Handel Utrecht Te Deum   Pav Gdns
Bach Brandenburg Conc No 1
Mozart Vesperae Solennes de Confessore
15 December 1977 Handel Messiah  Come & Sing (for Samaritans)
16 April 1978 Rachmaninov Piano Conc No 2  Steuart Bedford   Pav Gdns
Britten Abraham and Isaac Robert Johnston, David Johnston, Steuart Bedford
Hadley The Hills Sue Gorton, David Johnston, Roger Stalman
13 May 1978 Bruckner Graduals
Vaughan Williams Valiant for Truth & 100th Psalm
Monteverdi Beatus Vir
05 November 1978 Schubert Symphony No 8, Unfinished   Pav Gdns
Brahms Song of Destiny,  Haydn Variations
Dvorak Te Deum
10 December 1978 Handel Messiah   Pav Gdns
01 April 1979 Walton Crown Imperial
Britten Six Choral Dances from Gloriana
Vaughan Williams The Lark ascending Alyson Zuntz
Parry I was glad
Elgar The Music Makers  Margaret Cable
01 July 1979 Gala Opening of the Opera House  – National Anthem Day not specified - from the Gods (very hot!)
02 December 1979 Bach Christmas Oratorio  Malcolm Knowles   Opera Hse (First in restored Opera House)
06 December 1979 Handel Messiah – Come & Sing (for Opera House funds)
23 March 1980 Haydn Paukenmesse   Opera Hse
Brahms Violin Conc  Iona Brown
18 May 1980 Parry Songs of Farewell
Tippett Child of Our Time spirituals
Scott Joplin
01 July 1980 Schubert Mass in G, St John’s Festival Mass
04 December 1980 Vauhgan Williams Fantasia on Xmas carols, Christopher Underwood
Vauhgan Williams  Hodie Susan Gorton, Malcolm Knowles,Buxton Girls’ School
Prokofiev Peter & the Wolf  John Wood
21 March 1981 Strauss Die Fledermaus overture
Bruch Violin concerto in G Minor  Clare McFarlane
Elgar, Delius, Wood, Arne Last night of the Proms selection
29 March 1981 Verdi Requiem Alison Harper, Margaret McDonald,  Alexander Young, Michael Rippon   Pav Gdns
09 August 1981 Mozart Missa Brevis in D major K194, Festival Mass St John’s
Summer 81 Strauss Die Fledermaus overture exact date not given -  Pav Gdns
Bruch Violin concerto in G Minor  Clare McFarlane
Elgar, Delius, Wood, Arne Last night of the Proms selection
22 November 1981 Mozart Symphony No 39   Pav Gdns
Britten Hymn to St Cecilia
Strauss Oboe Concerto  Margaret Gilchrist
Haydn Te Deum
20 December 1981 Handel Messiah    (postponed till 7.3.82, because of SNOW) Pav Gdns
27 March 1982 Mahler Symphony No2 - 'Resurrection' with Wilmslow Symphony Orchestra Stockport Town Hall
03 April 1982 Brahms Academic Festival Overture
Mozart Piano concerto No 23 K488   Steuart Bedford
Elgar, Delius, Wood, Arne Last night of the Proms selection
04 April 1982 Rachmaninov Rhapsody on a theme of Paganini  Steuart Bedford   Pav Gdns
Fauré Requiem  Sheila Morten,  Christopher Underwood
Wagner Overture The Mastersingers
11 July 1982 Vaughan Williams Serenade to Music  Pav Gdns, Christian Aid
Walton, Bruch, Dvorak ???
01 August 1982 Haydn Nelson Mass Festival Mass
12 December 1982 Mozart Flute Concerto   Julian Hall   Opera Hse
Mozart Mass in C Minor
19 December 1982 Carols   (St Mary’s Ch)
27 February 1983 Berlioz Childhood of  Christ  Malcolm Knowles   Pav Gdns
Mozart Mass in C minor
27 March 1983 Beethoven Symphony No9 with Wilmslow Symphony Orchestra, Stockport Town Hall
08 May 1983 Vivaldi Gloria Sheila Morten,  Gillian Morton  St John’s
Bach Suite No 2 in B Minor  Richard McNicol
Bach Jesu Priceless Treasure   David Francis, organ
Bach Concerto in D Minor, Violin & Oboe   Ray Sidebottom, Margaret Gilchrist
Handel Let Thy Hand be Strengthened  Coronation anthem
10 July 1983 Wagner Overture Tannhauser Pav Gdns, Christian Aid
Brahms Liebeslieder Waltzes  Wendy Barber, Richard Walsh, piano
Tchaikovsky Symphony No5 in E minor
01 August 1983 Schubert Mass in C  Festival Mass St John ‘s
11 December 1983 Vaughan Williams In Windsor Forest      Pav Gdns
Debussy Petite Suite
arr Rutter, Jacques Carols
Britten Ceremony of Carols
Copland Clarinet Conc Michael Palin
08 April 1984 Bach St Matthew Passion  Malcolm Knowles, Christopher Underwood, etc   St John’s
08 July 1984 Elgar In the South   Pav Gdns
Elgar Four English part songs,
Parry, Finzi
Brahms Symphony No 1
05 August 1984 Beethoven Mass in C    Festival Mass  St John’s
11 November 1984 Brahms Concerto for Violin & Cello  Tom Bangbala  Stephen Threlfall   Pav Gdns
Elgar Spirit of England   Sue Gorton
16 December 1984 Handel Messiah  Sandra Dugdale,  Malcolm Knowles
14 April 1985 Beethoven Piano Conc No 5   Ian Brown   Pav Gdns
Mozart Requiem  Janet Byers, Gillian Morton, John Mark Ainsley, Philip Judge
09 June 1985 Elgar,  Britten,  Stanford,  Ireland,  Vaughan Williams English choral programme
07 July 1985 R Strauss,  Rimsky-K,  Schubert,  Walton ???    Pav Gdns  (no choir)
04 August 1985 Haydn Maria Theresa Mass,  Festival Mass
17 November 1985 Bach Brandenburg Conc No 5   St John’s
Bach Motet  Lobet den Herrn
Bach Concerto for 2 Violins Raymond Sidebottom,  Alyson Zuntz
Handel Dixit Dominus Delia Fletcher,  Sue Gorton
05 December 1985 Carol concert, Harpur Hill Junior choir    Opera Hse
No date Tchaikovsky Fantasy overture Romeo & Juliet    ?Prom?
Dvorak Serenade in D Minor
Rimsky Korsakov Scheherezade
13 April 1986 Dvorak Stabat Mater   Pav gdns
Mozart Wind Serenade in Eb  K388
06 July 1986 Brahms Motet ‘Make thou in me O God’   Pav Gdns  Christian Aid
Berlioz Nuits d’été
Beethoven Symph 3, Eroica
03 August 1986 Mozart Coronation Mass   St John’s, Fest.
16 November 1986 Haydn Creation
14 December 1986 Carol concert Buxton Junior Sch   Opera Hse
05 April 1987 V-Williams Sancta Civitas   Pav Gdns
Parry Blest pair of sirens
Elgar Cello concerto Stephen Threlfall
02 August 1987 Haydn Paukenmesse   St John’s, Fest
08 November 1987 Beethoven Symphony No 8   St John’s
Schubert Mass in Eb
13 December 1987 Handel Messiah   Pav Gdns
19 December 1987 Carol concert Brass / Madrigal Singers / Whaley Bridge School Opera Hse
24 April 1988 Elgar The Kingdom Sarah Fulgoni, Sue Gorton, Malcolm Knowles, C Underwood Pav Gdns
31 July 1988 Haydn Harmoniemesse St John’s, Fest
20 November 1988 Borodin Overture Prince Igor Pav Gdns
Dvorak Mass in D
Seiber Yugoslav folksongs
Bartok Romanian dances
Kodaly Psalmus Hungaricus
11 December 1988 Carols St Anne’s School, Buxton Opera Hse
19 March 1989 Bach St John Passion  Malcolm Knowles, John Powell, et al St John’s
02 April 1989 Songs of Praise St John’s
23 April 1989 Opera Gala Sandra Dugdale, Linda Ormiston, Donald Maxwell, Adrian Thompson Opera Hse
27 April 1989 Handel Messiah  – Come & Sing Meth. Church
02 July 1989 Dvorak ??
Brahms Haydn Variations
Tchaikovsky Symphony No 6
06 August 1989 Mozart Mass in Bb K275 (Missa Brevis) St John’s, Fest
26 November 1989 Schubert Symph 8, Unfinished
Brahms Requiem  Linda Richardson,  Christopher Underwood
17 December 1989 Carols Fairfield Endowed Junior School Opera Hse
22 April 1990 Wagner Overture ‘Flying Dutchman’ Pav Gdns
Parry Songs of farewell
Constant Lambert   Rio Grande Gillian Morton, Brenda Walker piano
R Strauss Overture Don Juan
Vaughan Williams   Toward the unknown region
01 July 1990 Beethoven Coriolan Christian Aid
Beethoven Piano concerto No4 Anthony Goldstone
Beethoven Symphony No7
05 August 1990 Schubert Mass in C St John’s, Fest
14 October 1990 Handel My heart is inditing St John’s
Purcell Te Deum
Bach Magnificat
Bach Brandenburg No 4
09 December 1990 Handel Messiah  CANCELLED OWING TO SNOW Pav Gdns
16 December 1990 Carol concert Buxton Buskers, Burbage Primary School
17 March 1991 Opera Gala Sandra Dugdale, Linda Ormiston, Donald Maxwell, Adrian Thompson Opera Hse
14 April 1991 Handel Messiah, postponed from 9.12.90 see above Pav Gdns
11 May 1991 Duruflé Requiem Organ accompaniment, & recital,  James Lancelot Durham Cathedral St John’s
04 August 1991 Mozart Mass in C K337 St John’s, Fest
Mozart Sancta Maria
11 August 1991 various Festival Fireworks Finale, with Camerata, Cholmondeley Castle
27 October 1991 Verdi Requiem inc Joanne Grillo, Jeffrey Talbot, John Hudson Opera Hse
08 December 1991 Carol Concert New Mills Primary School Opera Hse
29 March 1992 Elgar Dream of Gerontius  Margaret Macdonald, Adrian Thompson, John Rath Pav Gardens
05 July 1992 Beethoven Piano Concerto No 3  Brenda Walker St John’s, Christian Aid
Mendelssohn Italian Symphony
07 June 1992 Opera Gala Sandra Dugdale, Linda Ormiston, Donald Maxwell, Adrian Thompson Opera Hse
26 July 1992 Haydn Heiligemesse St John’s, Fest
15 November 1992 Handel Jephtha Malcolm Knowles, David |Gould, Kathryn Noble St John’s
13 December 1992 Carols St Anne’s RC Primary School Opera Hse
28 March 1993 Weber Overture Oberon Pav Gdns
Brahms Alto Rhapsody Susannah Spicer
Verdi Four Sacred Pieces
Rossini Stabat Mater
22 May 1993 Tippett, Elgar, Vaughan Williams English choral & orchestral music St John’s
Jul-93 Beethoven Violin concerto Shelagh  Diack date not specified
Beethoven Symphony No 4
25 July 1993 Haydn Nelson Mass St John’s, Fest
07 November 1993 Brahms Song of Destiny
Bruckner Psalm 150
Dvorak Symph 8
05 December 1993 Handel Messiah
12 December 1993 Carols Kinder Choir Opera Hse  &  SNOW
27 March 1994 Elgar Sea Pictures  Margaret Macdonald
Elgar Music Makers  Margaret Macdonald
Elgar Overture Froissart
08 May 1994 Opera Gala Sandra Dugdale, Linda Ormiston, Donald Maxwell, Adrian Thompson
24 July 1994 Beethoven Mass in C St John’s, Fest
13 November 1994 Cherubini Requiem St John’s
Beethoven Pastoral symph 6
18 December 1994 Carols Harpur Hill Primary School Opera Hse
02 April 1995 Mendelssohn Elijah   Kathryn Noble,  John Powell Opera Hse
25 June 1995 GOLDEN Jubilee Concert Pav Gdns
Elgar Spirit of the Lord
Mozart Sinfonia concertante violin & viola  Eleanor & Alison Gilchrist
Parry Blest pair of sirens
Seiber Yugoslav folksongs
Strauss Suite Der Rosenkavalier
23 July 1995 Mozart Coronation Mass St John’s, Fest
19 November 1995 Handel Samson  Helen Groves, James Gilchrist St John’s
18 December 1995 Carols Furness Vale School Opera Hse
31 March 1996 Fauré Cantique de Jean Racine Pav Gdns
Chausson Poème de l’amour at de la mer
Poulenc Gloria
Saint Saens Two unaccompanied songs
21 July 1996 Haydn Theresienmesse St John’s, Fest
10 November 1996 V-Williams Dona Nobis Pacem
Dvorak Symph 7
15 December 1996 Carol concert Williams Fairey Band. Opera Hse   BMS pieces all unaccompanied.
16 March 1997 Brahms Requiem Christopher Underwood  St John's
Vaughan Wiliiams Five Mystical Songs Christopher Underwood
20 July 1997 Haydn Creation Mass St John’s, Fest
26 October 1997 Fauré Requiem cond. Michael Palin St John’s
Mendelssohn Scottish symphony                   “
Beethoven Overture Egmont                      “
07 December 1997 Handel Messiah
14 December 1997 Carols Williams Fairey Band Opera Hse
29 March 1998 Elgar Apostles with Bollington Festival Choir Sue Gorton et al Pav Gdns
14 June 1998 Opera Gala Sandra Dugdale, Linda Ormiston, Donald Maxwell, Adrian Thompson Opera Hse
19 July 1998 Weber Mass in Eb St John’s, Fest
15 November 1998 Handel Solomon  Helen Groves, Carys Lane, Susannah Spicer, James Gilchrist,    St John’s
12 January 1900 Carols Thornton’s Band
21 March 1999 Elgar Banner of St George    Pav Gdns
Britten Hymn to St Cecilia
01 July 1999 Britten Missa Brevis St John’s, Fest - date not specified
17 October 1999 Mozart Requiem St John’s
Beethoven Symph 5
05 December 1999 Berlioz L’Enfance du Christ
12 December 1999 Carols Thornton’s Band Opera Hse
09 April 2000 Bach St Matthew Passion Kinder Choir Malcolm Knowles, Christopher Underwood St John’s
16 July 2000 Schubert Mass in Bb St John’s, Fest
15 October 2000 Poulenc Organ concerto  James Lancelot St John’s
Barber Agnus Dei
Finzi Dies Natalis  Frances Brindley
Holst Psalms
Elgar Serenade for strings
10 December 2000 Carols St Anne’s RC School Opera Hse
17 December 2000 Handel Messiah student soloists from RNCM
25 March 2001 Puccini Messa di Gloria
Dvorak Te Deum  Adrian Thompson
Berlioz Nuits d’été
15 July 2001 Haydn Paukenmesse St John’s, Fest
14 October 2001 Haydn Creation Kathryn Noble, John Powell, ... Wilman St John’s
09 December 2001 Carols Opera Hse
Vaughan-Williams Fantasia on Christmas Carols
16 March 2002 RNLI concert with Chetham’s Wind Band & Chamber Choir
21 April 2002 English programme  for Queen’s Golden Jubilee St John’s
Finzi, Elgar, Walton, Butterworth, Britten, Delius, Parry
01 July 2002 Festival mass St John’s, Fest - date not specified
10 November 2002 Handel Belshazzar  Susanna Spicer, Helen Groves, James Gilchrist, David Gould St John’s
08 December 2002 Carols Thornton’s Band
30 March 2003 Elgar The Kingdom Bollington Festival Choir, Rachel Nicholls, Sue Gorton, Adrian Thompson, Byron Watson
15 June 2003 Beethoven Violin concerto RNLI concert with Chetham’s
Beethoven Symphony (4?)
13 July 2003 Schubert Mass in Ab St John’s, Fest
Schubert Unfinished Symphony (?)
19 October 2003 Schubert Mass in Ab
Schubert Unfinished Symph
Brahms Song of Destiny
Bruckner Graduals
07 December 2003 Handel Messiah
14 December 2003 Carols Opera Hse
28 March 2004 Dvorak Stabat Mater
RVW Serenade to Music
Parry ??
18 July 2004 Haydn Heiligemesse St John’s, Fest
14 November 2004 Elgar` Music Makers   Louise Innes St John’s
Dvorak Cello conc  Simon Webb
12 December 2004 Carols with Christ’s College Cambridge choir Opera Hse
20 March 2005 Rossini Petite Messe Solenelle  Wyn Davies / Andrew Cummings St John’s
28 May 2005 Verdi Requiem  in Bollington Festival
05 June 2005 Verdi Requiem (Jubilee concert) with Bollington Festival Choir  Claire Seaton, Margaret Macdonald, Adrian Thompson, Donald Maxwell
07 January 1900 Mozart Coronation Mass St John’s, Fest
13 November 2005 Handel Theodora
11 December 2005 Carols Lincoln Coll Oxford, & Viva Voce, Sheffield Opera Hse
26 March 2006 Elgar Dream of Gerontius  Louise Innes, Adrian Thompson, James Rutherford St John’s
16 July 2006 Haydn Nelson Mass St John’s, Fest
15 October 2006 Mozart Mass in C minor K427 St John’s
Mozart Piano conc K595   Anthony Goldstone
26 November 2006 Handel Messiah  soloists Chris Underwood pupils St John’s
18 March 2007 Mendelssohn Elijah Carys Lane, Andrew M-Wicks, James Rutherford St John’s
15 July 2007 Haydn Creation Mass St John’s, Fest
18 November 2007 Haydn Seasons
12 December 2007 Carols Choristers of Worcester Coll, Oxford Opera Hse
13 March 2008 Bach St John Passion Joshua Ellicott St John’s
18 May 2008 Elgar Cello concerto Simon Webb St John’s
& English works
01 July 2008 Haydn Heiligemesse St John’s, Fest - date not specified
21 September 2008 Opera Gala Sandra Dugdale, Linda Ormiston, Donald Maxwell, Adrian Thompson Opera Hse
16 November 2008 Handel Semele
14 December 2008 Carols Worcester College Oxford Opera hse
29 March 2009 Brahms Requiem St John’s
Schubert Unfinished Symph
17 May 2009 Grieg Piano Concerto (Anthony Goldstone) St John’s
Dvorak Mass in D
Weber Overture Oberon
19 July 2009 Haydn Harmoniemesse St John’s, Fest
18 October 2009 Haydn Clock Symph St John’s
Haydn Te Deum
Handel The King shall rejoice
Bach Singet den Herrn
Mozart Piano concerto in A  (Di Xiao)
22 November 2009 Handel Messiah Helen Groves, Susanna Spicer, Joshua Ellicott, Marcus Farnsworth) St John’s
13 December 2009 Carols Worcester Coll Oxford Opera Hse
23 March 2010 Elgar Apostles Claire Seaton, Louise Innes, Andrew Wicks, Marcus Farnsworth
27 June 2010 Vivaldi Gloria
Mozart Horn Conc 4 (soloist, Chethams’)
Mozart Symph no29
Mozart Sinfonia Concertante
18 July 2010 Dvorak Mass in D St John’s, Fest
07 November 2010 Haydn St Cecilia Mass
Handel Organ concerto Andrew Cummings)
Bach Suite No 3
12 December 2010 Carols Worcester College Choir Opera Hse
20 March 2010 Mendelssohn St Paul Carys Lane, Susanna Spicer, Andrew Mackenzie-Wicks & Andrew Rupp
15 May 2011 Duruflé Requiem Frances Brindley, Andrew Parker
Elgar Sonata for Organ James Lancelot)
19 June 2011 Schubert Symphony No 3 in D
Mozart Piano Concerto No 19 in F K459 Iyad Sughayer, (Chetham’s School of Music)
Mendelssohn Symphony No 4 in A (The Italian)
17 July 2011 Haydn Paukenmesse Festival Mass
06 November 2011 Handel Judas Maccabeus Helen Groves, Susanna Spicer, Joshua Ellicott & Christopher Underwood
11 December 2011 Carols Worcester College Oxford choir Opera Hse
18 March 2012 Britten St Nicholas Andrew Mackenzie Wicks with Chamber Choir of King’s School, Macclesfield. Director Simon Mercer
Edvard Grieg Holberg Suite
Johannes Brahms Liebeslieder Waltzes Andrew Cummings, Philip Cartledge - Piano
Edward Elgar Serenade for Strings
29 April 2012 Queen’s Diamond Jubilee - English programme
Charles Hubert Hastings Parry Anthem - I was glad
George Frederic Handel Anthem - Zadok the Priest
Ralph Vaughan Williams Motet - O taste and see soloist: Jane McNeill
William Walton March - Crown Imperial
Benjamin Britten Four Choral Dances from ‘Gloriana’
Edward Elgar Anthem - Great is the Lord soloist: Andrew Parker
Edward Elgar Imperial March
Ralph Vaughan Williams O be joyful in the Lord (The Hundredth Psalm)
Edward Elgar Sea Pictures Louise Innes - Mezzo Soprano
Charles Hubert Hastings Parry Blest Pair of Sirens
Charles Hubert Hastings Parry Jerusalem
17 June 2012 Beethoven Symphony No 7 in A opus 92
Mozart Flute Concerto No 1 in G K313 Soloist Luke O’Toole, (Chetham’s School of Music)
Mozart Symphony No 35 in D major K385 'The Haffner'
15 July 2012 Haydn Nelson Mass (with organ) St John’s, Fest
28 October 2012 W A Mozart Vesperae Solennes de Confessore K339 Rebecca Lea, Sarah Baram, William Pette, David Shipley
W A Mozart Sinfonia Concertante K364 Maria Angelika Carlsten (Violin) Katrina Brown (Viola)
W A Mozart Mass in C (The Coronation) K317 Rebecca Lea, Sarah Baram, William Pette, David Shipley
25 November 2012 Handel Messiah Helen Groves, David Gould,  Joshua Ellicott, Marcus Farnsworth
09 December 2012 Carols Worcester College Oxford choir
Vaughan Williams Fantasia on Christmas Carols Andrew Parker - baritone
24 March 2013 Puccini Messa di Gloria Andrew MacKenzie Wicks (Tenor) Matthew Hargreaves (Bass) conducted by Philip Cartledge at short notice
Rossini Stabat Mater Rebecca Rudge, Sophie Goldrick , Andrew MacKenzie Wicks, Matthew Hargreaves conducted by Michael Williams with a broken leg
16 June 2013 Strauss Oboe concerto Eleanor Doddford, (Chetham’s School of Music)
Mozart Symphony No 40 in G minor K550
Schubert Symphony No 5 in B flat D485
14 July 2013 Schubert Mass in C(?)   Festival Mass
10 November 2013 Vaughan Williams Dona Nobis Pacem Hannah Sawle, Benjamin Bevan  (Remembrance Sundayconcert) Matthew Hargreaves indisposed
Vaughan Williams Five Mystical Songs Benjamin Bevan
Dvorak Symphony No 8
08 December 2013 Carols Worcester College Oxford choir / St Anne’s School. Soloists: Andrew Parker, Jane McNeill, Frances Brindley
06 April 2014 Poulenc Gloria Tanya Hurst (Soprano)
Bizet Te Deum Tanya Hurst (Soprano) Andrew Mackenzie Wicks (Tenor)
Saint Saens Calme des Nuits, Les Fleurs et les Arbres
Fauré Elégie for cello & orchestra Miriam Brown - 'Cello
Bizet Carmen Suite No 1 (1882)
Berlioz Overture Le Carnaval Romain
15 June 2014 R Strauss Horn Concerto No1 in E-flat Ben Hurst, Chetham’s School of Music
Beethoven Symphony No2 in D
Mozart Duet - La ci darem la mano (Don Giovanni) Andrew Parker & Jane McNeil
Mozart Aria - Fin ch'han dal vino (Don Giovanni) Andrew Parker
Mozart Aria  – Non so piu (Marriage of Figaro) Jane McNeil
Mozart Aria - Non piu andrai (Marriage of Figaro) Andrew Parker
Felix Mendelssohn Overture ‘Fingal’s Cave’ Op. 26
20 July 2014 Haydn Heiligemesse Festival Mass
09 November 2014 Elgar Spirit of England (Claire Seaton) (Centenary Remembrance Sunday)
R.Strauss Four last songs  (Claire Seaton)
Brahms Song of Destiny (Schicksalslied) sung in English
Borodin Prince Igor, overture
14 December 2014 Carols Worcester College Oxford choir, Fairfield Endowed Junior School
22 March 2015 Beethoven Overture - The Creatures of Prometheus
Beethoven Mass in C (Robyn Allegra Parton, Sophie Dicks, Adam Kowalczyk, Benjamin Lewis)
Mozart Piano Concerto 27 (Stephen Barlow)
Haydn Motet - Insanae et vanae curae
30 May 2015 Mahler Symphony No 2, the Resurrection with Wrexham Symphony Orchestra Bridgewater Hall
14 June 2015 Bruch Scottish Fantasy Op46  (Iona McDonald, Chetham’s School of Music)
Tchaikovsky Symphony No 6, Pathetique
Otto Nicolai Overture - The Merry Wives of Windsor
19 July 2015 Haydn Harmoniemesse Festival Mass
25 October 2015 Haydn The Creation Rebecca Rudge,  Joshua Ellicott, Frederick Long)
22 November 2015 Handel Messiah Julie Cooper, David Gould, Andrew Mackenzie Wicks, Matthew Hargreaves
13 December 2015 Carols Fairfield Juniors, Susie & the Bad Habits    St John’s
20 March 2016 Finzi Intimations of Immortality Andrew Mackenzie Wicks
Elgar Songs from the Bavarian Highlands
Delius La Calinda
Delius Walk to the paradise garden
Vaughan Williams English Folk Song Suite
12 June 2016 Concerto!
Beethoven Piano Concerto No 2 Jackie Campbell – Chetham’s School of Music BBC Young Musician section finalist 2016
Schubert Symphony No 5
Mozart Eine kleine Nachtmusik
Bruckner Three motets:
Locus Iste
Ave Maria
Christus factus est
17 July 2016 Beethoven Mass in C Festival Mass
13 November 2016 Handel Joshua Helen Groves, Matthew Venner, Joshua Ellicott, David Shipley
11 December 2016 Christmas with the Buxton Musical Society Fairfield Endowed C of E Junior School Choir. Conductor - Tracey Johnson St John’s
Sergei Prokofiev Peter & the Wolf Donald Maxwell - narrator
02 April 2017 Elgar The Kingdom Claire Seaton, Louise Innes, Adrian Thompson, Marcus Farnsworth Michael’s 50th anniversary concert
18 June 2017 Verdi Requiem Claire Seaton, Margaret MacDonald, Thomas Atkins, Matthew Hargreaves With guests: Bakewell Choral Society
16 July 2017 Mozart Coronation Mass Buxton Festival Mass
14 October 2017 Mozart Requiem Mass Kathryn Howson, Carol Huff, Philip Tomlinson, Andrew Parker BMS Singing Day - Sing Mozart in Buxton - led by Philip Cartledge
26 November 2017 Carl Maria von Weber Overture Oberon
Antonín Dvořák Te Deum Alexandra Lowe – soprano, Andrew Randall – baritone
Brahms  Ein Deutsches Requiem Alexandra Lowe – soprano, Andrew Randall – baritone Sung in German
17 December 2017 Christmas with the Buxton Musical Society Fairfield Endowed C of E Junior School Choir. Conductor - Tracey Johnson
Susie & the Bad Habits
08 April 2018 Buxton Baroque Postponed from 18 March because of snow
J S Bach Magnificat in D Frances Brindley - soprano, Kathryn Howson - soprano
George Frideric Handel Dixit Dominus Hollie-Anne Bangham  - mezzo-soprano
C H H Parry Coronation Anthem - I was Glad Ryan Davies - tenor, Andrew Parker - Bass Display of new lighting system during the Parry Anthem
George Frideric Handel Coronation Anthem My Heart is Inditing Ian Wilson - Lighting Designer
13 May 2018 Rossini Petite Messe Solennelle Helen Groves - soprano, Susanna Spicer - mezzo-soprano
Andrew Mackenzie Wicks - tenor, Matthew Hargreaves - bass Ben Bevan - indisposed
Ian Shaw - piano, Andrew Cummings - harmonium
17 June 2018 Franz Schubert Overture Rosamunde
Georges Bizet Carmen Suite No. 1
Francis Poulenc Organ Concerto George Herbert - organ soloist - by kind permission of Chetham’s School of Music
Antonín Dvořák Symphony No. 7
17 July 2018 F J Haydn Heiligmesse Soloists? Buxton Internation Festival - Mass